evaLIGHT – Personal Air Conditioner ( black )

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The most efficient evaporative cooler.
Using the principle of water evaporation, Evapolar takes in hot and dry air and makes it cool, moist and fresh.

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Evapolar allows you to create your own personal climate. Now you can adjust temperature to your needs, not the needs of everyone using one shared air cooler. This is a real revolution in air cooling!

Enjoying eco-friendly and energy efficient evaporative climate technology right now with Evapolar! Create your personal microclimate and enjoy ultimate comfort exactly when you need it and where you need it!

Evapolar works on power of water evaporation — the simplest and most efficient cooling technology since ancient times. Evaporative coolers already exist but you may have never heard about them – they are all very bulky and if your hot season is short they are not presented on your market at all. But Evapolar is not just another evaporative cooler. It received a number of upgrades that make it truly unique. And the main one is that we managed to make it both powerful and compact so you could put it on your table.

You ask why do we call Evapolar an air conditioner while such devices are more known as air coolers? Well, the common opinion is that small air coolers are absolutely inefficient in general and almost useless when humidity is more than 55%-60%. Actually, this is true for all of them except Evapolar. In Evapolar we utilize the most advanced cooling technology taking literally 100% of what laws of physics allows us. So Evapolar has a really impressive cooling effect for a personal device of this size. So, we prefer to call it an evaporative air conditioner. That is why.


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