Nikki, Al Ain

Amazed at how well and quickly this has started to clear up the humidity in my home. Within 24 hours had emptied the container three times. Its like living in a different home, everything smells so much fresher. Would definitely recommend getting one if you do have problems.

John McCoist, Dubai

This works brilliantly. When I first installed it, it ran for about 4 days and sucked several litres of water out of the air Once my house was no longer a swimming pool, it cut out regularly as the humidity was below the threshold, saving electricity. Now we use it for drying clothes very efficiently on a clothes rail, and occasionally put it on to dehumidify the house. Usually cuts out within an hour as the moisture in the air is down to an acceptable level.

Brenda Grosh, Dubai

Took some time to do its thing, but has got the humidity down from over 70 to 55%. We no longer suffer from condensation on the single glazed windows of a listed house, which was causing damp and mould on the window frames. The extra features, mean it turns on when required and turns itself off when it has reached the target zone. Well worth the premium price.

Alan, Abu Dhabi

I’ve gone through a fair number of dehumidifiers over the years, including ones with a manual knob, electronic/”Smart” control and one desiccant type. Two failed after just two years and I sold/gave away the rest after they got too noisy after 3 to 4 years. I also gave away the desiccant machine after just one month due to consuming almost twice the power for the same amount of collected water.